Monday, July 13, 2009

all I want for my birthday

Chinmayo, my midwife, came over for a home visit this morning. She thinks baby will come by tomorrow. That's been my guess too. There's all these coincidences with my mom and birthing:
  • my mom's due date with me was July 10, and I was born on the 14th. That was my due date too, that's why I think my baby will also be born on the 14th
  • her first baby, Sabrina, died of SIDS October 1, 1970 around the 6pm hour, and my sister, TG was born October 1, 1971 also within the 6pm hour
  • my nephew was born on my mom's 50th birthday
Superstitious I know, but maybe the power of suggestion will kick in.
Finally seeing this baby will be the best birthday present!

I liked this quote I heard at the end of the movie "Martian Child" - something about babies coming into the world like aliens "bundles of energy and pure potential"

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