Friday, July 31, 2009

A little bit about my chunky monkey

Laka's already 10 days old! I'm trying to savor every moment because I know I'll miss him at this age when he's older. Ah, so enamored. We can't get enough of him...most of the day is spent staring at him :)
Here's a few updates:
  • He looooves to eat. He latched on right away and has been a boob man since. It's showing too because by day 5 he was already back up over his birth weight. Yesterday he was 10lbs 12.5oz!
  • He likes to stick one arm straight out like superman. Now we do pounds when he sticks his fist out. He likes his hands- always has to wiggle them out to have near his mouth. He soothes himself with them.
  • His cord fell off and he can take baths with me now. He likes being dunked in the warm water much better than sponge baths.
  • He makes the cutest sounds, coos and purrs, it's irresistible!
  • Poor baby is still getting rid of his jaundice, and pink eye, and now has a little baby acne going on. So much to adjust to- not being attached to me, and to living in the outside world!
  • We're still figuring out how to make the cloth diapers work the best. The fitteds are nice and easy, and we're getting better at keeping the prefolds from leaking all the way through.
  • He's most awake early in the morning and late at night, just like when he was in my tummy.
  • He's been wide-eyed and alert right from the beginning, and also able to hold his head up.
  • He's been smiling in his sleep, and starting to do it now when he's awake too :)

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  1. He sounds like such an alert, healthy, well-developed baby!!! So strong already, too. Can't wait to meet him! Good job Margaret! Every mother can relate to what you're saying--you have the awesome ability to put it into writing. Love it!