Saturday, April 11, 2009

daddy EJ

Can I just take a second to get a little cheesey...
I'm really excited to be a mama, but I'm super excited to see EJ as a dad too. He's already such a good daddy. He's already bonded so strongly, always talking and singing to baby, kissing my belly, and making sure to take good care of me. And baby responds to him now. When he talks to her and when he puts his hands or ear on my tummy baby starts kicking away. It's fun. I'm glad that he gets to feel her too now. It makes him really happy...big goofy smiles and laughs. I'm so proud of him, how much he's learned already. He's right there along with me with all the prenatal stuff, learning about pregnancy and into it...more than I thought he'd be. I have complete trust and confidence in him, that together we'll be able to do this....have the natural home birth that we're planning, raise this lil' munchkin. I know he'll be there for everything and learn as much as he can about baby and kid stuff too. I love my baby daddy.

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