Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ranodom cravings and nutrition rant

Ahhhh, just went crazy on rosemary bread and herb brie. I love it when I can satisfy a craving. That was exactly what I wanted. Yum. EJ doesn't get me sometimes when I know I want something specific but can't quite identify it...then when I can, sometimes it's something weird and random. There was a week when I wanted runts so bad, and we couldn't find them anywhere in town. Like a month later at Blockbuster we saw them in the candy aisle, but by then the craving had passed. I've had such a sweet tooth lately! We've gone to Cold Stone more times these last two months than we have in the two years since we moved home (which is still only like 4 times). Good thing is my blood sugar control is fine. My blood glucose test result at 28 weeks was great. And my iron's still good too. Really making sure I stay good and hydrated to accommodate all the new blood we're making. I'm still focusing on making sure I get enough calcium these last few months because that's when most of the baby's calcium is absorbed in the bones....soy milk, calcium fortified orange juice (loving OJ a lot more than normal too!), jarred salmon, yogurt, cottage cheese, and a bunch of other cheeses, I love cheese! And omega-3 fatty acids because the brain is growing so rapidly right now...salmon, walnuts, flax seeds. Ugh, I'm even taking cod liver oil to supplement...see how much I love you baby! Don't ask my why I didn't get it in capsule form. Tastes like I burp fish bones afterwards. Still not doing so great on the exercise though. My mom and aunties told me that walking regularly will make labor quicker and easier. Maybe now that it's warmer and the slush is mostly gone...no more excuses.

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