Tuesday, April 28, 2009

look at that belly!

(slideshow on right) Gettin' big. My tummy's more itchy sometimes..it reminds me to rub cocoa butter on. And it seems a little pinkish. My belly button looks funny, it's almost flat...looks like a fake tummy.
But baby's grown so much, it's exciting! He's somewhere around 2 1/2-3lbs and over 15inches long (~butternut squash size), and starting to fill in that skin. All the little details have been forming, eye lashes, eye brows, etc. Can open his eyes and respond to light. Still practicing swallowing and getting hiccups now.
I've gotten leg cramps a few times while I'm sleeping, but they go away quickly when I stretch it. Eww I had the creepiest dream when I was in Marshall a couple weeks ago. I dreamt that these big bubbles like blisters were popping up on my upper legs then moving down towards my feet, and when they'd get towards the bottom a black spiky worm thing would also pop up inside the bubble, slithering around in there. In my dream I was freaking out and trying to scream, then it went away. I ran to whoever I was with and tried to tell them what had just happened and they didn't believe me. I think I must have rolled on my back and my legs fell asleep, and the dream was the tingly feeling of the blood rushing back down there after I rolled to my side again. At home I sleep with all these pillows now. My cousin Ben told me that I had to get a "Snoogle," this long curved body pillow..it's awesome, makes only being able to sleep on my sides more comfy...and keeps me from rolling on my back. Another pregnancy gadget that Ginger recommended and I enjoyed was the Bella Band. I could wear my regular jeans unbuttoned at the top and held up with the Bella Band. I was wearing my same jeans up till a few weeks ago! Now I have enough maternity pants though to last me this last little bit (thanks Ginger!).

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