Saturday, January 31, 2009

4 month tummy

Yep, I finally had to give in to the maternity pants with the cool big elastic band. I couldn't find any jeans that I liked....will have to keep looking.

I can't believe how much my belly has popped out in literally days! For reals, one day my pants fit fine, then the next day they didn't. EJ notices it getting bigger every day too.

Haha, this morning I was jamming out to some reggaeton and baby started kicking away, doing somersaults in there. Either she doesn't like it or she enjoys it as much as her mama does. I think she was having fun dancing around with me though :P


  1. ohhh ohhhh watch out club soraya!

  2. callete....the band on those pants makes me stick out more :P

  3. Very cute! Take a picture in the same spot every week or every day wearing the same pair of pants and you'll have one of those crazy slide shows. Too much effort for me. By the way-- Bella Bands are awesome... You can wear some of your regular pants for a long time, then get in them sooner once the baby is born. Reading your blog brings back so many memories... It's a great idea, and I am happy to see you enjoying your pregnancy and sharing it with everyone. God bless!