Sunday, January 25, 2009

When we first found out.....

First belly picture around 6 weeks. Baby's about as big as a lentil. Nose, mouth and ears are forming.

And this is from my journal, what I wrote the first day we found out...
November 2, 2008 Día de los Muertos:
So my boobs have been pretty sore the last few days, and I haven't had mi regla all of October. Last week I tried a test and it said "not pregnant." (I had a glass of syrah that night when we ate at Tango...oops!) Still nothing so I wanted to try another one this morning but was trying not to be too anxious and was afraid to just be disappointed again. EJ said go ahead trying not to make a big deal about it then went downstairs to make coffee. I peed on the stick and tried not to watch the blinking hourglass the whole time. I came back to the bathroom and it said "pregnant." I thought I wasn't it right because I didn't have my glasses on yet, or I was just hoping too hard, but it still said "___pregnant," no "not." I called EJ upstairs, impatiently, and watched him go look at it. He jumped around super happy. We are so happy. I was kind of shaky. I kept asking "is that right?" "are you sure?" EJ brought me coffee back in bed. Next time I had to go to the bathroom I peed on another stick, and it too said "pregnant." EPT 99.9% accurate x 2. EJ and I stayed in bed most of the day reading pregnancy stuff and talking about it. We had everyone over for dinner. At the end of the prayer EJ said, "and thank you God for blessing us with this baby on the way." I was watching everyone’s faces, saw them understand what he meant then there was screaming and jumping and crying and hugging. It was cool. Everyone is so happy and excited. It still doesn't seem really for real. It does, but it's surreal. Should be about 4 weeks. Can't wait to start talking to the midwives and learn everything I can.

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  1. hooray for babies!
    I was there, over the phone, for this momentous occasion. : D