Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Bump!

I've just been feeling chubby lately, but I think that's finally a real baby bump! 16 weeks. Baby's as big as an avocado. Almost everything is formed, just has to grow grow grow. She* can taste what I eat in the amniotic fluid...even more motivation to eat healthy food so she won't be fussy with it later on! Next week she'll start to be able to hear us :)
*we don't know if "she's" a boy or girl, and won't until her birthday, I'm just going to randomly say he or she instead of "it."


  1. Hi we have never met... I am Ben's wife. Just wanted to say congratulations. I have a ton of books and info if you need anything. Sage is 4 months + now. We also have a blog at Sagemonkey.