Sunday, February 22, 2009

Half way there!

Look how big I am, and only at 5 months! I'm going to get huge I know it. These last couple of days I think I actually felt my tummy that possible? It would feel really tight and uncomfortable, like a balloon was being blown up inside me. This baby's going to be at least 8 pounds, probably almost 9 like I was. And she's not even a pound yet! The average baby at this point is about 10 inches long and still a few ounces shy of a pound. Hair is sprouting on her head. Her skin is covered with vernix now so that she doesn't turn into a raisin in the amniotic fluid. Still practicing swallowing...hopefully developing a preference for healthy foods. Yay, can't wait for these other 20 weeks to go by so that we can finally meet this little jellybean!

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