Friday, February 27, 2009

Prego Moh

I'm still getting used to my prego body. I get surprised sometimes seeing myself in the mirror...I really have a pregnant belly now, it's obvious. Last week I was at 9 pounds for weight gained, which is just right. Now it's probably 10, and should be about 1 pound a week now....hopefully I'll stay pretty close to that. Bear with me all the belly pics, I'm still fascinated with being pregnant :)
What's new this has eyelids and eyebrows now.
I had a dream that the ultrasound tech and another doctor at an appointment accidentally told us that we're having a boy. I was mad that they had spilled the beans. We still feel like it's a girl.....


  1. hey that's my whole outfit! geez... my sister has to be 5 months prego to fit my clothes... hmmmm i think tomorrow is a gym day

  2. p.s. i like the close ups better exposing your belly... you should take the photo wearing the same outfit at exactly the same angle and distance so you can make a flip book showing your growing belly