Monday, June 8, 2009

Athabascan tradition

All this getting ready is the complete opposite of how I felt at the beginning. In Athabascan, it's hutlanee or bad luck to get baby stuff together before the baby comes. We shouldn't make assumptions about the baby before it's born. Then when it's born the community makes sure mama and baby have everything they need. Last month when my grandma was visiting she was telling me this, and I guiltily confessed all the baby stuff I had together already. I had tried to hold out, but then Gaby brought over a crib and stuff and cute baby winter clothes were on sale and it snowballed from there :P She said, "well just leave it there, but don't get it ready yet." Then when my mom passed through a few days ago she was all excited saying she couldn't wait to start making baby stuff. I told her too that I already started and she said the same thing. Oops

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