Monday, June 1, 2009

gettin' ready for baby!

I'm so excited, we've gotten a lot of stuff together lately. Babies R Us was having a sale so we went and got a car seat and stroller yesterday. And I just ordered my cloth diapers, yay! Chinmayo, my midwife gave us the birth kit box last week -- stuff we need for my homebirth (plastic sheets, those chuck pad things, peri bottles, sterile gloves, etc. and a cute onsie that says "born with love at home"). We finished the hypnobirthing class with Joan at Southcentral Foundation, and got a cute bib that says "I'm a hypnobirthing baby." Now I just need to get a breast pump and stuff. I'll tell you more about home birthing, my cloth diapers, hypnobirthing and my other favorite birth book (Birthing from Within) later, I'm off to the airport for Kodiak right now...

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