Monday, June 15, 2009

favorite books

I guess 10:30 to 4:30 is still 6 hours of sleep and should be good...I still wish I could sleep the last 2 hours until my alarm clock goes off though. I used to get by with less than that in college, but I love my sleep a lot more now. I guess my body's getting ready for when baby comes...when I'll be lucky to sleep more than a couple hours straight.
I picked up an Isabel Allende book at Title Wave yesterday. It's fun to read something besides a pregnancy or birth book again. I just finished the last book I borrowed from Chinmayo, "Ina May's (Gaskin) Guide to Childbirth." It was good. A lot of the same points about natural birthing as the other books. What I remember most from her is her 'sphincter law,' that the cervix is a sphincter and just like other sphincters in your body it doesn't want to open up with lots of people around or too much commotion, it works best in a calm private environment like when you're going to the bathroom.
My favorite birth book is "Birthing from Within" by Pamela England. My favorite pregnancy book was "Body, Soul, and Baby" by Tracy Gaudet, and then I read stuff on for what's going on weekly. "Bonding Before Birth" was also a fun little read by Miriam Stoppard.
Big Margaret (my mom's best friend who I'm named after, just called her that when we were little-- I'm way bigger than her now) gave me a pregnancy book that my mom had given her when she was pregnant with her daughter. My mom had written notes in it when she was pregnant with me, and then she wrote notes in it too. It's pretty cool. She also gave me this super old book that was found out at my great aunt and uncles gold mining camp outside of Ruby, a 1940's book on how to take care of your baby. Cool pictures on how to diaper a baby, how to swaddle them, etc.
Did I mention that my "due date" is the same date as my mom's when she was pregnant with me? And then I was born on the 14th. We'll see...

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