Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is baby dropping?

The picture on the left is at 33 weeks and the one on the right yesterday (35 weeks). I can't tell, but someone the other day was looking at my tummy and said that baby dropped. My hips started getting sore the last few days, especially yesterday after walking on the trail, the tops of my legs where they connect with my hips were hurting. I guess this last month or so the pelvic ligaments are loosening up to get ready for baby to go through. I'm worried though, does that mean labor will start in the next few weeks? Baby needs to stay in there at least 3, hopefully 4, more weeks. I'm wondering if I pushed it too hard this week. I just got back from an exhausting trip to Kodiak where I was running all over the place, carrying things. I think I've been too proud of how great I've been feeling still being able to do mostly everything normal. Now my body has to tell me, "no mama, you need to slow down." Please stay put until at least the first week of July baby!


  1. that looks to me like baby is pushing their butt out!!! maybe dropping a little bit, but still looks pretty high. no te preocupes, querida, todavia te falta

  2. It looks to me like baby is definitely bigger or has put their butt out like Cara said :) Even if the baby did drop, usually for your first pregnancy you've got several weeks left. You are in the home stretch now! :-D